Saturday, 19 September 2009


Catholic Secondary SchoolThis week our local papers carried the story of parents, pupils, teachers, councillors and other politicians rallying to the call of Catholic parish priest Father Charles Ramsay to save Blessed Edward Jones' High School (shown above).

A few months ago it was announced that the sixth forms of Blessed Edward and Rhyl High School were to be combined on a new site at Llandrillo's Rhyl College in Cefndy Road. The idea was not universally welcomed but is going ahead anyway.

More recently came news of a plan to build a new secondary school on the site of Rhyl High to replace Rhyl High (without sixth form) and Blessed Edward (without sixth form). This would mean the end of Blessed Edward altogether.

Doing away with Catholic faith-based secondary education and replacing the popular Blessed Edward with a much bigger and more impersonal new school is not a plan that has wide public support.