Thursday, 3 September 2009


On hearing of a proposal to merge Rhyl High School and Blessed Edward Jones' into one big new secondary school, I was surprised to be reminded that there are six primary schools in the town. One secondary school and six primary schools? Oh well, I suppose Denbighshire County Council’s education department knows what it’s doing.

Meanwhile, as part of an ongoing project aimed at helping future local historians, I have photographed the six primary schools. Some of them are not very photogenic and the photographer can be faulty at times, but have a look at the pictures above and – for your own amusement – see if you can match the pictures to the names:

Ysgol Bryn Hedydd, Tynewydd Road
Ysgol Dewi Sant (Welsh Language), Rhuddlan Road
Christchurch School, Ernest Street
Ysgol Emmanuel, Victoria Road
Ysgol Mair (Roman Catholic), St. Margaret’s Drive
Ysgol Llywelyn, Trellewelyn Road.