Thursday, 17 September 2009


Twinkle Toes CardsThis evening the RhylCreate design/craft consortium held an official opening event at ‘Gallery 36’, 36 Kinmel Street. In attendance were Chris Ruane MP as a speaker, RhylCreate’s Lynda Waggett as a speaker, Ann Jones AM, the Mayor of Rhyl (Glyn Pickering) and other councillors, plus artists and craftspeople – and Yours Truly.

Pictured above are two of RhylCreate’s founder members. The upper picture is of Anne Morris, of Rhyl, showing some of the parchment work that she does with watercolour pencils; Anne produces wall hangings and hand-made cards. The lower picture is of Clare Steel, of Rhyl, whose speciality is hand-made cards marketed under the brand name Twinkle Toes Cards.

The gallery has been funded by various public bodies for the first 12 months and is doing well so far. The consortium hopes to acquire additional funding in the next year or two to set up studios for arts and crafts and help unemployed young people to learn the necessary skills.

Crafts and Art activities go some way towards offsetting the bad public image that Rhyl has gained in recent times.