Thursday, 24 September 2009


This week on Tuesday evening I attended a rehearsal by Rhyl Liberty Players at Soar Chapel where Stroma Williams was directing ‘Cut And Run’ by Peter Horsler. The play is about the ideological struggle between the National Health Service and private health care – with a touch of ‘Carry On Doctor/Nurse’ thrown in. It looks hilarious.

A typical rehearsal,’ says Stroma ‘is one where someone fails to turn up’. Sure enough, someone failed to turn up. The picture above was taken by Yours Truly and shows Alan Benbow (left), Olga Mendel and George Kelly. Also in the cast are Liz Hughes, Phil Williams, Norma Leicester, Anita Swinburne Smith and Glyn Burrows.

If YOU are over 18 years of age and would like to try your hand at acting, operating lighting and/or sound equipment, designing and constructing sets, seeing to props and costumes, doing publicity work and so on, please contact The Libs’ secretary Karen Lees, tel (01745) 889565.