Wednesday, 1 June 2016


Despite brainwashing by TV, radio and newspapers, I do not accept that celebrities are important in the great sweep of universal time - especially not members of royal families or football managers.

Soccer programmes are items of interest though, even to an unbeliever such as I, because of the adverts. Recently the following programme from pre-decimal days came my way: 

H. A. Steer

F.A. Cup (First Round) Rhyl v. Oldham Athletic, Saturday Nov 5th, 1960. 

Rhyl's regular players at the time were Vince McBride (goalkeeper), Phil Spruce (right back), Bill Johnson (left back), Harry Chadwick (right half), George Ashfield (centre half), Jimmy Anderson (left half), Ken Reynolds (wing half), Brian Loughnane (outside right), Norman Bullock (inside forward), Don Spendlove (centre forward), Peter Higham (centre forward in this particular game), Harry Kirtley (inside left), Idris Pryce (outside left). Manager: Mr. P.S. Turner.

Who won the match? Doan ask, let's just do the adverts. Here are some:

Click on any advert to see a bigger version.



The following references are added here for indexing purposes:
Rhyl Football Club, Greenall Whitley brewery, H A Steer, Glyn H Roberts, Bernards, Vac Shop Monty Roberts, Lightbown, Taxis Crescent Road, C S Finnigan, Westcliffe Garage, Windsor Hotel, Bass brewery, Vale Radio, W Thomas haulage, Roger W Jones, Lakes General Stores, Horesh tailor, Albert Hotel, Ind Coope brewery, Turners Do It Yourself, Brookes Brothers, Vickers & Son. 


Incidentally, I have been asked about the wooden floorboards in Queens Market. Were they the dance floor in the former Queens Ballroom? Nope. The dance floor was made of maple wood which was taken up and sold when the ballroom became a market. What you see now was underneath.