Sunday, 5 June 2016


Last Sunday I posted the above photo taken a few days beforehand in Rhyl. The question: If you were to walk down this alley what would be the first road/street you would come to?
The answer: Sussex Street.
The photo was taken from Town Hall Square. Christ Church is on your left and Lloyd's Bank on your right.

Also posted was an edited version of the following 1978 school concert programme. The question: What is the name of the school?
The answer: Ysgol Llywelyn.
Here is the item with the banner restored:

Click on any picture to see a bigger version.

The item was sent in by Dave Williams. Here is the back page of four, giving details of the concert's  Act III 'The Story Of The Nativity' starring Third Year pupils:

The names are added here for indexing purposes:
Lynda Scott, Mark Hughes, Rachel Keates, Colin Batterbee, Matthew Espley, Kelvin Hall, Wayne Williams, David Diskin, Robert Greaves, Peter Robins, Timothy Jones,Jason Vogelsberger, Craig McGregor, David Robinson, Simon Wallis, Colin Roberts, Heidi Christian, Victoria Williams (Dave's daughter Vicky!), Karin Thompson, Julie Flanagan, Emma Wilkinson, Lesley Town, Nicola Ralph, Sarah Walker, Carl Jones, Matthew Barry, Lee Evans, Gareth Gregson, Paul Lewis, Martin Jones,Thomas Robertson, Georgina Bannister, Pebelope Bannister, Jonathan Puleston-Jones, Hayley Stones, Peter Anderson, Sarah Higgs, Tanya Williams, Darren Roberts, Nicola Field, Alan Williams, Stephen Frodsham, Jason Welsman, Samantha Larder, Julie Owens, Sarah Bower, Tracey Cartlidge, Alison Jones, Angela Davies, Dawn Hollingworth, Sally Littlehales, Julie Drummey, Michael Greenhalgh, Carl Hughes, Darren Byrne, Philip Smith, David Ford, Mark Dolan, Leslie Church, Barry Picton, Ian Horton, Andrew Cope, Ian Tait, Ingrid Mason, Amanda Thomas, Karen Hyland, Melanie Jones, Stephen Hinds, Lisa Kinsella, Lisa Stringer, Marie Shackleton.

Scoring 1 win for Sussex Street and 1 win for Ysgol Llywelyn: Sue Handley 2, The Great Gareth 2, Jane Shuttle 2.

By the way, did you know there's a Rhyl Primary School in London?