Sunday, 29 May 2016


EU referendum Brexit

Yesterday, being a postal voter, I received an EU referendum ballot paper and voted in favour of remaining in Europe. The arguments in favour of leaving are not convincing.

What is the use of knowing that EU membership costs us £350 million a week if you don’t know how much profit we make from selling goods and services there?

If we left we could still sell to EU but as a non-member country we might have to pay a levy/surcharge which would make our goods and services more expensive and less attractive.

Consider the effect on jobs.

As for immigration, where is the evidence that it harms an economy? In recent years Germany has taken the most migrant workers (& refugees) and yet the German economy is booming.

Migration is not a one-way street.

Hundreds of thousands of British people are living, working and visiting regularly in continental countries. If we left, their status might be changed for the worse.

Polling Day is Thursday 23rd June.