Sunday, 19 June 2016


Last Sunday I posted the above Rhyl streets photographed this year. Each has a place name blanked out.

The question: What are the missing names?
The answer: Bryntirion Avenue (TOP) and Victoria Avenue.
The Bryntirion pic is by Yours Truly; the Victoria is by Fred Burns.

Also I posted a couple of old photos NOT taken in Rhyl. The question: Where were they taken?

The answer: Llandudno and Dyserth.
Here are the images in full:

Above is the Llandudno picture: Open-top tram No.22 on the Llandudno and Colwyn Bay Electric Railway which operated between Llandudno and Rhos-on-Sea from 1907 and extended to Colwyn Bay in 1908. The service closed in 1956.
(There was a plan for a Rhyl to Prestatyn tramway that never materialised. You could fill a book with the things Rhyl nearly had.)

Below is the Dyserth picture with its caption restored. I am almost certain this would be pre-WW2: 

Scoring 1 win for the pair of Rhyl streets and/or 1 win for the Llandudno & Dyserth pictures:
Dilys Bagnall 2, The Great Gareth 2, Jane Shuttle 2, Sue Handley 1.
(Sue sent in her answer while holidaying on the Isle of Bute. I call that dedication!)

A post on Thursday 19th May 2016 titled 'Return To Val's' included an advertising card for Grosvenor Saddlery Works and I wondered where that was. The following advert from circa 1905 provides the answer: It was at 7 Kinmel Street and the business belonged to R.E. Owens:

SAT 15th JUL 2017 UPDATE: Speaking of Llandudno and tram, here is a composition by G.S. 'Sid' Cooper, transport artist (b.1935, d.1998).