Sunday, 26 June 2016


Last Sunday I posted this picture from Rhuddlan Borough Council days showing a land train at Marine Lake. In the land train's name, your crafty blogger covered one word with black dots. 
The question: What is the missing word?
The answer: Rocket.
Here is the Rhyl Rocket picture in full. Note the lake site's temporary name The Marine Leisure Park:

Also posted was the following vintage photo by Rhyl photographer Rae Pickard, showing a corner of Marine Lake. The question: What corner is it - North East, North West, South East or South West?
The answer: South West.

You needed both correct answers for 1 win, and the only winner is Sue Handley. Well done, Sue!

Below is a Rae Pickard business card. The address is 63 High Street which must have been demolished to make way for Marks & Spencer; the address of Marks' successor Poundland is 61-71 High Street:

Here is a reminder that in the early days of the lake a business was based there. It is an advert circa 1905 for W. Hudson boat builder: