Sunday, 26 June 2016


Since last week’s referendum I have received messages from readers connected with companies that were set up locally because Wales is part of the European Union. They are feeling apprehensive.

Across Wales tens of thousands of workers must be feeling the same way. Potentially hundreds of thousands of Welsh jobs could be affected if the UK withdraws from the EU, but we are not at that stage yet.

We are a long way from being Out of the European Union and may never get to Out. There will be years of negotiation between the UK and the EU, possibly further deals on the table and maybe another referendum.

Meanwhile  just in case  talks are going on in Northern Ireland to see if the six counties could and would break from the UK and join the Republic of Ireland which has its own seat in Europe.

Scotland is squaring up for a second referendum on Independence which, if successful, could lead to Scotland getting its own seat in Europe if the UK is not there to veto it.

It is not beyond the bounds of possibility that at some point in the distant future the UK could be reduced to just being England with – as usual – Wales fluttering at its side like a bird with a broken wing.

TUE 28th JUN 2016 UPDATE: In Wales the referendum result has shocked the apathy out of people who had wished us to remain in the EU but failed to vote.
Plaid Cymru has kept the issue of Independence for Wales on the back burner but now is bringing it forward as a possible route towards Wales achieving its own seat in Europe.
I think that is a worthy objective and will be joining that effort even though it is a long, long road and I am too old to see the end of it. I have applied for membership of Plaid.