Thursday, 16 June 2016


Multiviews are postcards featuring more than one picture - ideal to send home when on holiday. The example above was produced with a large amount of artistic licence and has artificial moons all over the place. It was posted in 1956.

Click on any card to see a bigger version.

The first card above with sad-looking dog, was posted in 1954.The red card looks to be circa 1960s. The one below, which includes Gwrych Castle, was posted in 1962:

Gwrych Castle, Rhuddlan Castle and Bridge, St. Asaph Cathedral, Bodelwyddan Marble Church and Dyserth Falls were and still are marketable attractions in the promoting of Rhyl.

The colourful multiview below can be accurately dated:

The prom scene top right includes the single-storey Coliseum where the show is 'Minstrels On Ice'. Bill Ellis, who collects Rhyl theatre programmes, says this was a Jack Billing production in 1968. Bill doesn't know how they managed to stage an ice show there and neither do I. If asked I would have said it was impossible.

Here is a card with views of six places on the North Wales Coast. See if you can put names to the places. This is not a quiz question - just something to try for your own amusement!