Thursday, 29 April 2010


The photo at the top was taken recently.
On the prom opposite Mr. B’s (formerly Samuel Henry’s) from 1892 until WW2, there was something rather special. The question is:
What was it and why was it removed?

The lower picture is a postcard sent to pals in Wallasey from Harold and Lil who were staying at the Wendover Hotel where there was a roof garden – sounds jolly nice. The question is:
Was the picture on the card taken before or after 1959, and how can you tell by looking at it?

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The closing date is Saturday 8th May 2010 at midday. During the following week there will be a separate draw for each day of the quiz. Get one of today's answers right and you’ll go in the draw for today; get both right and you’ll go in twice!