Tuesday, 6 April 2010


Recently these images of HMS Rhyl came to hand via an anonymous donor to whom I send thanks and best wishes.

Rhyl maritime pictures and information are always welcome on this site. Please send to: rhyl.colin.jones@live.co.uk

WED 13th SEP 2017 UPDATE: Here is a rare photo bought recently by Yours Truly. HMS Rhyl (F129) is shown at Gibraltar. In the background on your left is HMS Blake.

HMS Blake

The seller's description repeats some info posted earlier on Rhyl Life and adds more:

"HMS Rhyl was a Rothesay class frigate commissioned on 31st October 1960.
     "Following commissioning Rhyl served in the Far East, Mediterranean and on the East Africa station, including being diverted to stand-by off Goa following the Indian invasion in 1961.
      "She was leader of the 23rd Frigate Squadron by the time she attended Portsmouth Navy Days in 1965. She served, along with HMS Ark Royal and HMS Lowestoft on Beira patrol and then in 1966-7 served in the Mediterranean as Captain D 23rd Escort Squadron with HMS Lowestoft, HMS Dainty and HMS Defender.
     "HMS Rhyl returned to UK waters in 1967 to become Captain D Home Fleet, eventually decommissioning in Plymouth to undergo a major refit to upgrade to a Leander like specification.
     "She was sunk as a target ship in 1985."

Not only was there a previous HMS Rhyl (J36) but also a dredger to note. The British Transport steam suction and grab hopper dredger RHYL was built in 1911 and operated in North Wales ports: