Friday, 16 April 2010


The photograph above (top) is of Glyndwr School football team 1957.
Left to right:
Front row: A. Roberts, P. Williams, R. Bracchi the Captain; Barry Rees, P. Jones. Back row: Mr. Brierly the Sports teacher, J. Hughes, A. Pike, Keith Williams, B. Thomas, J. Owen, J. Weston; Mr. Matthew Jones the Headmaster.

The lower picture shows Flintshire Schoolboys team of 1957. Front row: Barry Rees, Peter Bramwell, David Hughes, Don’t know, Don’t know.
Back row: Don’t know, Don’t know, Bobby Griffiths, Keith Williams, Don’t know, John Winder.

By the way, Sandra Williams who sent these pictures is studying family history (Roose family) and would like old photos of Hope Place and Mona Terrace. If you can help, please send her an email: