Wednesday, 7 April 2010


Young Women's Christian AssociationLast Wednesday I posted the photograph above (TOP) and said that the building getting a facelift was house number 17. The question was: What is the name of the street?

Answer: Bedford Street.
The building is No.17 which has had a variety of uses and was for a while a branch of YMCA / Young Women's Christian Association.

This week’s winner is Sue Handley. First win for Sue.

The winner was drawn from hat by professional photographer Fred Burns, Phoenix Studio, 44 Bedford Street, tel (01745) 356900. Fred does a lot of weddings, family portraits and passports. Last year in Ruthin he had an exhibition titled ‘Gothic Extravaganza’ featuring models in morbid and mysterious Goth fashions.

THU 22nd MAR 2018 UPDATE: Ex-Rhylite Kevin Nolan has emailed to say that Fred Burns' studio at 44 Bedford Street was in the late 1970s the Fiveways Cafe run by a Mrs. Mortimer. Thanks, Kev.
Fred retired last year; the premises are derelict at present.