Sunday, 11 April 2010


A General Election has been called for Thursday 6th May 2010. Chris Ruane MP (Labour) will be defending his seat in the Vale Of Clwyd constituency which includes Rhyl. At various times Mr. Ruin appears to have voted in favour of cutting benefits to single mums, reducing penalties for using/supplying cannabis, and invading Iraq. Nothing would induce me to vote for his return.

Matt Wright (Conservative) seems an OK sort of chap but I really don’t like his party. No way would I vote towards bringing back the hunting of foxes with packs of dogs or any other cruel practices, and there are still far too many over-privileged people in the party's hierarchy. The shadow chancellor is an example; he’s a ‘spoilt brat Tory’ if ever I saw one.

There are many smaller political parties jostling for attention but I can raise no enthusiasm for any of them. I am registered to vote by post, and have always voted in General Elections, but this time the ballot paper is going in the bin.

Illustration: Polling Day by William Hogarth (1867- 1764).