Wednesday, 14 April 2010


RhylRhyl LifeLast Wednesday I posted a larger version of the image at the top and said, “This photograph was taken last week in Rhyl. In the photo, foreground left,  there is a street sign blanked out.
The question: What is the missing name?”

The answer is Henafon Road; I was standing in Trellewelyn Road looking northeast towards Pen y Maes Avenue and Dyserth Road. Pictured above drawing the winner from hat is The Great Gareth (Gareth Morris) who leads the field so far with seven wins.

Pauline Hammans is this week’s winner. It’s a second win for Pauline who is an ex-Rhylite residing in Australia with her husband Craig and three daughters. The final photo above was taken a couple of months ago in Sunny Oz and shows Pauline with her mum Dorothy Jones of Rhyl.