Saturday, 27 February 2010


This is just a reminder that 2010 is the 100th year of Sidoli’s ice cream parlour, 32 Wellington Road, Rhyl. You will see from the old photograph above that the business began as a partnership. Mr. Peeny (Pini) moved to Blackpool.

The other originator’s grandson Dominic Sidoli now runs the place with assistance from his mother and sister and part-time help. Bill Ellis, author of several Rhyl history books and a regular visitor to the premises, is trying to find out the month and day of opening.

Before I knew Bill I used to see him sitting in his raincoat in the far corner of Sidoli’s with papers on the table and a pen in hand. Aha, I thought, there’s the great man writing his books. Later, when I got to know him I discovered he was doing crosswords.


SAT 11th JUN 2012 UPDATE: The following postcard offers a rare glimpse of Peeny's operation on the sands. The crowd would be watching a show on the minstrel pitch, The styles of dress indicate that the picture dates from not long after Rhyl Pavilion opened in 1908.

This card was published by John Brookes, The Post Office, Vale Road, Rhyl.