Thursday, 25 February 2010


Marine Lake appeared on almost as many postcards as the old Pavilion. I like particularly the scene above – an evening shot probably taken from the Oakland Avenue side. It is a card postmarked 1926, addressed to a Master C.B. Ball in Kilpauk, Madras, India, and it says:

Dear Chris, No doubt you are looking forward to my return. Yes I have had a real good time having seen a great deal of the county, (signed) Mummy. Love from Dad.

At that time, India was still part of the British Empire and was to remain so until 1950. Kilpauk was a base for British troops and a centre of medical treatment; it had and still has a medical college, general hospital, mental hospital and other medical units.

SAT 20th MAY 2017 UPDATE: This is an example of a postcard in the 'Oilette' series launched by Raphael Tuck & Sons in 1903, featuring oil paintings - presumably based on photographs.

Tuck Oilette

A description  on the reverse reads as follows: "Marine Lake is a delightful sheet of ornamental water which has replaced an unsightly and treacherous swamp which once existed here. It covers about forty acres, and offers good opportunities for boating to those who do not like the open sea; further, bathers greatly appreciate its waters, as at low tide the sea recedes half a mile from the promenade."

The view looks towards the harbour. I take the taller building in the centre of the background to be Foryd Hall about which there is a previous post: