Thursday, 11 February 2010


David Hughes says, “This picture just surfaced from the attic of David Close. It shows the Rugby team of Glyndwr School, or Rhyl Junior High as it was then, in the winter of either 1968 or 1969.

Left to right:
“In the front row are: Russell Lloyd, David Hands, Gareth James whose father was minister at Christ Church, Stephen Atherton, Ray Williams and Tony Pritchard.

“Middle row: Ian Parry, Ian Hull, Martin Jones, Kevin Jones and Terry Walton.

“Back row: Robert Evans whose father had a butchers shop on Vale Road, David Close, David King whose father had the hairdressers in The Old Market in Sussex Street, Me - David Hughes, and then Keith Woodworth, Grenville Roberts and Keith Williams.”

My thanks to David Hughes for sending the photo. David is, under the name Ambrose Conway, the author of books The Reso: A Sixties Childhood (published 2007) and Beyond The Reso (published 2009). Both are available from Amazon: