Thursday, 4 February 2010


derelict pubRhuddlan Borough Council's original Sun Centre plan included a hotel to the right of the new Pavilion Theatre; we never got the hotel. A few years ago there was an idea to build a hotel over-looking Marine Lake but this failed to reach fruition.

A couple of years back a posh hotel was part of the proposed Ocean Plaza redevelopment of the Ocean Beach Fun Fair site – that whole scheme is in doubt now.

Recently plans were announced for a new hotel in East Parade, attached to White Rose Centre. Then came news that an other company wished to build a hotel on the showfield site opposite Sainsbury's thereby destroying green land.

And a couple of weeks ago plans were submitted for The Grange (as photographed above by Yours Truly) a Victorian building in East Parade, wrecked by fire in 2008. The Grange used to be a hotel, and the plan is for – a hotel?

No, a block of flats.


Note: The proposed Ocean Plaza development was replaced by Marina Quay.