Monday, 8 February 2010


H A Steer, The Elite, Cafe EliteClick on any picture to see a bigger version.
Summers Cafe, Currys, Bus Station, Baxters butchers
No sooner had I created a HIGH STREET label, bringing together all previous posts about the street, when George Owen kindly sent the photographs above.

The monochrome photo of the corner of High Street and West Parade may be from late 1940s. It captures neatly the wall advert of H. A. Steer wine merchants and a policeman directing traffic and gives us a rare glimpse of Cafe Elite.

The colour snaps are possibly from early 1980s; one shows Summers Cafe where Cash Converters is now (3-5 High Street) and that's Currys on the far side. The other shows the bus station where Jobcentre is now (No.80) and in those days the building to your right of the bus station was Baxters butchers.

In the pipeline here at Jones Towers are items sent by George relating to the Gas School, Glyndwr School, Laurel & Hardy, Odeon Cinema and the pier – and they will appear before your very eyes in due course.