Monday, 14 December 2009


Mrs. Maureen Davies (was Hughes) has asked for more pictures of the Floral Hall. Mrs. Davies was a frequent visitor there in the 1960s when she was growing up in Rhyl and later in Meliden near Prestatyn.

The Floral Hall was created by Flintshire County Council and opened by Roy Turner who was Chairman of Rhyl Urban District Council 1957-58. (Roy also had the melancholy duty of opening Queens Ballroom as a market). Roy’s dates in office put a question mark over the widely-held belief that the Floral Hall opened in 1959.

What is certain is that on Wednesday 8th June 1960 the Floral Hall was
reopened by the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester and re-named as Royal Floral Hall. At the time Rhyl council’s parks and gardens superintendant was Mr. John McCartan.