Saturday, 5 December 2009


The photo at the top is from Rhyl History Club Community Archive. It shows Rhyl Vale Road Church of England School Group 1, circa 1924.

In the back row, third from right is Bill Williams. In the front row, second from left is Bob Williams. The boys are top right and bottom left in the enlarged detail; they may well be brothers.

The school was on the site where the Operatic Centre now stands i.e. on your left of St. Anne’s Church.


SUN 6th DEC 2009 UPDATE: George Owen adds: The pupil's sign says ‘Vale Road School’ but locals called it ‘St. Anne’s School’, and it's interesting to see that it says ‘C of E’ instead of ‘Church In Wales’.
The Operatic Centre is the original school building and I believe the site belongs to Mostyn Estates.