Wednesday, 30 December 2009


This is one of many shots of Ocean Beach Fun Fair added by Gordon Langley to Facebook's ‘Petition to bring back Rhyl fun fair’ which has more than 100 members. The petition is for sending to Denbighshire County Council, but the council has no control in this matter. Ocean Beach Fun Fair – like many of Rhyl’s old attractions – was created by private enterprise.

Rhyl Amusements Ltd, comprising the Robinson brothers and Dave Skelly, owned the fair and the land beneath and took the decision to sell. The rides were removed but the buying company Modus failed to go ahead with its proposed Ocean Plaza housing & retail development.

Yesterday in Daily Post, a story by reporter Martin Williams indicated that an un-named buyer has expressed an interest in taking over the land for unknown purposes. No contracts have been signed yet.

Thanks to Rachel Sorahan for drawing my attention to the story.

Note: The proposed Ocean Plaza development was replaced by Marina Quay.