Thursday, 10 December 2009


The larger picture is from the collection of Gaynor Williams and was probably taken in the 1950s. It shows the shop F. Matthews, jeweller, silversmith and clock/watch repairer at 32-32a Water Street.

I wonder who the chaps in enlarged detail are. Does anybody know? Please send an email to:

[The shop's main claim to fame according to Bill Ellis is that in 1964 he bought an engagement ring there - and he still has the receipt.]

Details on the far right of the larger picture indicate the shop is next door to the left of the present Citizen's Advice Bureau. For a long time this shop belonged to Orama Radio/TV sales operated by Paul & Christine Sumner who retired a couple of years ago.

Here is an Orama advert from 1973. Note the difference in the address. Water Street had been renumbered:


WED 1st JUL 2015 UPDATE: Sad to note here that Paul Sumner passed away in August 2012 after a probable heart attack. This year I have seen Christine and can report she is bearing up reasonably well under the circumstances and continues to reside at their family home in St. Mary's Court, Rhyl.