Tuesday, 8 December 2009


Here is a 1960 picture of staff at the Tudor Cafe, 39 High Street, Rhyl. The cafe was where ‘phones4u’ is now, next to W.H. Smith. As a schoolboy in early 1960s I went there quite often for frothy coffee, a sticky bun and a few goes on the jukebox. Half a century ago that seemed a reasonably cool way of spending a Saturday afternoon.

In the picture, left to right, are: Dorothy Williams (was Beech), Don’t know, Vera Hughes and May Griffiths.

Residents and visitors used to haunt the Tudor Cafe and also Evans’ Cafe, Russell Cafe, Roma ‘Espresso’ Coffee Bar. In 1960s the teenagers headed for a tiny place called Le Nautique in Glanglasfor. All those meeting places have gone. It seems that only Jay’s Cafe in Market Street and Sidoli’s ice cream parlour in Wellington Road have survived.