Friday, 18 December 2009


Clarendon SchoolA reader has enquired about Clarendon School. This wasn’t in Rhyl, it was a private boarding school at Kinmel Hall, St. George near Abergele. The hall is shown above.

MON 21st DEC 2009 UPDATE: Mrs. Jean Bray (was Ross) has lived in Bodelwyddan for 82 years and comes to Rhyl shopping.
Mrs. Bray says Kinmel Hall was a Quaker girls' school and then, before World War 2, it became a boys' school.
She adds that during the war Kinmel Hall was a convalescent home for soldiers of higher ranks.
She confirms that after World War 2 it was Clarendon School for girls.
Thank you, Mrs. Bray.

SUN 21st JUN 2015 UPDATE: Here is a picture of Kinmel Hall as Clarendon School for girls on a card posted 1954:

Clarendon started in 1898 in Worcestershire. Twenty Pickfords vans moved the school to Kinmel Hall in April 1948 and there it stayed until 1975 when a fire forced another move. Eventually, Clarendon ended up merged with the co-educational Monkton Combe School in Bath.

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Here is a differing use of Kinmel Hall. The card below postmarked 1930 and the contemporary advert show it as the Rheuma Spa:

TUE 29th AUG 2017 UPDATE: From Rheuma Spa days, a shot of the Chinese Hall on a card postmarked 1938.

Chinese Hall