Wednesday, 17 August 2016


Old paddling pix reflect innocence, charm and the enduring fun of looking at your feet under water - what will you step on next! These three have not appeared before in Rhyl Life:

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Caroline Richardson II

The one in the middle is circa 1910. The final pic is a 1923 shot by Rhyl photographer Rae Pickard showing paddlers with the lifeboat Caroline Richardson II.



The photo below taken recently by Yours Truly shows the spattered state of the derelict post office in Water Street. Pity the cabbies in the rank opposite who have to look the mess every working day. Owners of private property  which this is  owe it to the community to keep their premises looking clean and tidy.

Birds are being encouraged by cafes, pubs and restaurants that provide outdoor seating for customers, and by take-aways. These businesses (and their permission-givers) fuel the problem. The solution is not killing birds, who have as much right to be here as we do, but educating people to do their eating indoors.

SUN 13th MAY UPDATE: Pleased to report the derelict post office is being demolished. The following photos were taken today by Yours Truly.
This one is the view from Town Hall -

- and this is a rear view through the fence:

The building was not a pretty sight. The replacement is to be a short stay car park which may not be pretty either, but at least it will be useful.
All is not entirely well at the small, privately owned replacement post office in High Street. Customers have been grumbling to me about queuing times and the staff's lack of courtesy.

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