Sunday, 21 August 2016


Last Sunday I posted the above part of a Rhyl photograph taken a few days before by Yours Truly. The question: Where was I standing?
The answer: on footbridge over railway in Westbourne Avenue.
Here is the wider view:

Westbourne Avenue

In Victorian times this was the location of a (possibly manned) railway crossing from Westbourne Avenue to Marsh Road. It was known as the Pen y Braich crossing, the reason being that Pen y Braich was the former name of Westbourne Ave.


Also posted was the following card typical of its era. The question: Was the picture taken before or after 1930?

The answer: Before 1930.

The era is between the wars (1920s and 1930s). The basket chairs were there in both decades. At a glance I might have said "after 1930" but the postmark tells a different story. It would pencil-in as 7 SEP 28 therefore the picture could not have been taken after 1930:

In the pic itself there are no helpful clues to the date, so it was a good for a guessing game. What a tease I am.

Players needed both answers correct to score 1 win. All of them got the right bridge but the wrong side of 1930. No winners this week!


I have been trying to contact Rhyl resident Jim Taylor the artist/musician. Jim if you are reading this, please email your phone number to: