Sunday, 7 August 2016


Last Sunday I posted the above photo of a stone or plaster carving in Rhyl depicting a medieval-looking building such as a castle or church. The question: Where would you find it?

The answer: Bodfor Street, above Costigan's.
Here is a wider view:


Photo by Dave Williams. Thanks, Dave.

Also I posted a classical design bearing the inscription Rhyl Urban District Council 1900The question: Where would you find it?

Wall plaque

The answer: Victoria Road.
The plaque is on the gable above Nos. 6 & 7 The Terrace, Victoria Road (at Ffordd Las end). Original name was Council Terrace; it was one of the first projects by Rhyl Urban District Council which had been formed only two years earlier. Here is a wider view:

Council Terrace

Photo taken in July 2016 by Yours Truly. 

Scoring 1 win for getting both answers correct is Dilys Bagnall. Dilys is this week's sole winner and I know she is going to be uncontrollably pleased.



Regeneration of the Abbey Street-Aquarium Street area is still in progress. The snapshot below was taken a few days ago by Yours Truly, showing part of Abbey Street that used to be grim houses of multiple occupation, i.e. the HMOs that everybody used to complain about.

The perimeter of the newly-created green space named Gerddi Heulwen is a building site. A big question is, What kind of people are going to occupy the new properties? It makes no sense to create social housing for general needs in a town where there is no work.