Friday, 26 August 2016


Recently on Internet this coin-shaped token came up for sale. It appears to be made of a soft material such as cardboard. The face bears the name Rhyl Cocoa House Company Limited, and the back bears the number 1.

According to Rhyl History Club's Maggi Blythin there were two cocoa houses under different ownership. The first was in High Street (opened 1878) and the second was on a corner of Bodfor Street and Kinmel Street (opened 1885).

That corner may have been 34 Bodfor Street where the Imperial Hotel is now, because the location has a track record in catering. Before the Imp there was a cafe run by the Bracchi family who may well have utilised former Cocoa House premises.

The cocoa would have been a type of drinking chocolate. Not long ago an offshoot of the Cadbury company tried unsuccessfully to revive the idea of cocoa houses. See Wikipedia:

As for the token, what was it for? A loyalty token? A gaming chip? Your guess would be as good as mine.

While on subject of catering, here is another 1930s view of the art deco style cafe at Open Air Swimming Pool ('The Baths') on prom:

Osborne's Cafe

The cafe is sometimes referred to as Osborne's.



If you have never thought there might be something creepy about Nigel Farage, this picture of him with US Presidential candidate Donald Trump would be a good place to start. They have in common that they wish to destroy the way we live.

As for the EU referendum, I see that our right-wing newspapers are trying to justify the Leave vote by saying that the predicted big fall in the UK economy has not happened. Of course it hasn’t. We have not left.