Sunday, 14 August 2016


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Last Sunday I posted the above picture of early-1920s-looking punters waiting for a trip to start from the booking office of White Rose Motor Tours, Rhyl. The question: On corner of what two roads/streets is the booking office?

The answer: West Parade and Water Street.
It is the corner where Les Harker's Monte Carlo arcade is now, photographed last week by Yours Truly:


Also I posted a photo taken earlier this year with a place name blanked out. The question: What is the missing name?
The answer: Buckley Avenue.
Here is the photo with the name restored:

Scoring 1 win for each correct answer:
Dilys Bagnall 1, Jane Shuttle 2, Sue Handley 2, The Great Gareth 1, Richard & Ceri Swinney 1. 



Recent hi-tech flood defence work in the west end involved widening the promenade and then covering the new space with good old-fashioned grass. The result is that Rhyl is a safer and greener place, although no doubt plenty of people will find fault with it.

West Rhyl Coastal Defence Scheme

This scheme, like virtually all major schemes around here for decades, was made possible by European Union grant aid. It has long been policy of the EU to channel resources from the richer parts of Europe to poorer parts such as Wales. This Robin Hood aspect of the EU is often overlooked.

sea defence

Don't run away with the idea that It's our money anyway. Wales is a net gainer from UK's membership of the EU.