Thursday, 29 October 2015


One of the most popular subjects in this blog is the former St. Mary’s Convent, Russell Road, best remembered as a school for girls.

Recently five postcards turned up for sale in Belgium, posted from Rhyl by a Convent pupil whose handwriting is lovely except for her signature. Her name may be Jeanne.

She posted the cards in 1906 written in French language to her friend Mme. Suzette van Espen of Bruxelles / Brussells. The following images are derived from copies:

Click on any image to see a bigger version.

The original cards are in sepia tones. They are not in my ownership and may still be for sale.

It says a lot for the reputation of the Convent that a pupil should be sent such a long way to attend the school. Ex-Convent girls tell me it was a happy place to be.


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