Tuesday, 13 October 2015


The advert above is from Issue No.2 of the newsletter Catholic Life sold at St. Mary's Church (Our Lady Of The Assumption), Wellington Road, Rhyl, in December 1957 when Canon Collins was Parish Priest assisted by Father Breen and Father Brennan, 

The following ad for J.B. Worrall, Bodfor Street, is from same newsletter:

Presumably Mr. Worrall was a member of the congregation. His shop was next to the Bee, where Station News is now:

The following advert for Jay's Cafe, Market Street, is from a souvenir booklet of the Royal Floral Hall early 1970s.

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Jay's Cafe is still marching on but not: "until 11 p.m."


[Generally, these days catering places in Rhyl close early. My pal Jill and I have found even 4 p.m. is too late to get a cuppa in some of 'em!]


From the same Floral Hall booklet comes this advert for Mival's Garden Centre, Rhuddlan Rd, and their shop at town end of Wellington Rd:

Their Rhuddlan Road site has gone. The Wellington Rd premises are still owned by the Mival family and currently occupied by Sassy (clothes and accessories):

From same Floral Hall booklet , and still on subject of horticulture, here is an advert for William Roberts Ltd whose Rhyl shop was in High Street with a branch in Prestatyn:

On the William Roberts corner now is The Games Exchange selling computer games, DVDs and CDs.

Oops, sorry Officer I didn't see you coming!

William Roberts Ltd

The colour photos in this post were taken last month by Yours Truly.

Colin Jones / email: rhyl.colin.jones@live.co.uk


MON 11th JAN 2016 UPDATE: David Thomas reports that earlier this month the shop Sassy closed down and moved out.

THU 11th JAN 2018 UPDATE: Regarding William Roberts (Rhyl) Limited, a photo of the company's registration form dated 1925.
Click on it to see more clearly.