Tuesday, 6 October 2015


Rhyl Shopmobility, a charitable business, hired out and sold mobility scooters and wheelchairs so disabled shoppers could get around town. The snapshot above was taken in 2009 on the premises by Yours Truly catching proprietor Mark Webster in happy frame of mind.

Since then Shopmobility experienced financial problems and Mark's wife Coral who ran the project with him, passed away in tragic circumstances. Reluctantly, Mark let go to a new owner who continued the same line of business with Mark helping out occasionally.

Today when I passed the premises (at the foot of High Street near Cob & Pen or Dudley Arms as was) I noticed there is a new occupier, the clock maker Dayclox & Tideclox. Sad to think of no more Shopmobility but let us welcome the new company:

At a time when some companies are abandoning Rhyl it is good to see this one coming on our side. You can get further info via this link: