Tuesday, 27 October 2015



Paddling is a handy compromise between trudging along the sands and diving into the briny! In Rhyl the edge of the sea is shallow and ideal for paddling. If ever there is a national convention of paddlers it should be held here.

The two cards above are circa 1904, and the one below is postmarked 1915. Even the fake colouring cannot detract from these scenes.

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Here are a couple more, in monochrome. The sepia picture seems marginally older than the black-and white; they are both late 1920s:  

sea paddling

Below: A blurry old snapshot  capturing the absurdity and joy of paddling. These are Sunday School girls from who-knows-where. On the back is the inscription "Rhyl, 15th July 1931".

Ah, the simple pleasures of life!


FRI 30th OCT 2015 UPDATE: A late addition to our paddling pix from Val Adams of Epworth Road. As with the first pair of cards above, this may not be a Rhyl scene – the same image could be used in many places with the name of resort changed to suit. Charming, none the less:

TUE 14th FEB 2017 UPDATE: Now for a couple more fine paddling pix. The black-and-white is from a glass negative dated 1910; the sepia-toned is a card postmarked 1915.