Sunday, 1 November 2015


Seabank Road

Last Sunday I posted these two images of same house. The one on your left would be probably late 1920s, the other is a card postmarked 1933.
The question: Where in Rhyl is this house?
The answer: Seabank Road.
Could be No.7 which has had the original porch removed, or No.15. Twist my arm and I’ll say No.15.
The building in question was Chellaston House, the home of a butcher named Moorcroft from Derby. [Chellaston is name of a place in Derby.]

And I posted a detail from a photograph taken a couple of months ago by Yours Truly. The question: Where in Rhyl is this corner post?
The answer: Dyserth Road.
Also acceptable were the answers Tynewydd Farm Estate and Lon Ystrad. Here is a wider view of the corner post than the detail originally posted:

Also posted was the following picture dated 1977 showing a bus in West Parade. In the background, on corner of Water Street, you can see a record shop. The question: What is the name of the record shop?

Electrip Records

The answer: Electrip Records.
I am obliged to Peter Trehearn for remembering the name and thereby making this question possible. Electrip Records was in some ways a forerunner of Kavern Records which opened later in High Street.

With any two correct answers to score 1 win or all three correct answers to score 2 wins are: Richard & Ceri Swinney 2, Jane Shuttle 2, The Great Gareth 1, Sue Handley 2.

Where in Rhyl did you buy your records? Let's be having your groovy reminiscences.
Colin Jones / email:

THU 22nd MAR 2018 UPDATE: Regarding Kavern Records, ex-Rhylite Kevin Nolan says that in the late 1970s the shop was at 33 Sussex Street before moving to 25 High Street. The company sold videos as well as records, and they had a branch in Llandudno. Thanks, Kev.