Sunday, 18 October 2015


Last Sunday I posted this detail from a photo taken this month by Yours Truly. Above the window is a rather unpleasant carved face. The question: Where in Rhyl would you find a row of windows like this?

The answer: Wellington Road and/or High Street.
The premises are on the corner presently occupied by Granite Outdoors which sells camping equipment and tough clothing for hiking and climbing and suchlike:

In Wellington Road there are seven of the windows, 5 over Granite followed by 2 over the charity shop named Breakthrough Foundation.
In High Street there are four: 2 over Granite followed by 2 over the bookmakers Betfred.

The building is remembered as Evans' Cafe - baking downstairs, seating upstairs.It looks fairly modern, but the same building with same windows appears on the following card postmarked 1906:

The carved face seems to depict a chap in ancient mythology whose side horns (ram horns) have been cut off. Such horns were symbols of virility. What cutting them off symbolizes does not bear thinking about.

Also posted was this detail from another photo taken this month by Yours Truly, showing an exterior wall plaque. The question: Where in Rhyl would you find this plaque?

The answer: Millbank Road (Mill Bank Road if you prefer).
The plaque, bearing the inscription Church View Terrace, is above the front door of No. 50, in centre of the picture below:

If you stand with your back to No. 50 you see St. Thomas' Church. Below is a photo by Yours Truly of that very view; the street in the foreground is Norman Drive:

Scoring a win for getting both answers right are: Richard & Ceri Swinney, Sue Handley, Jane Shuttle and The Great Gareth.
So far in this series Gareth holds the lead with 48, Jane Shuttle has 44 and Richard & Ceri Swinney have 40. Several others players are doing very well.