Sunday, 18 July 2010


In the past few weeks, flowers and plants have been appearing in Rhyl town centre to catch the eye of judges in the annual ‘Wales in Bloom’ competition. We now have planters along Market Street for instance, and in the square at back of the Town Hall (where we used to have a circular garden until Denbighshire County Council took it away).

The ‘Wales in Bloom’ competition seems to me pretty worthless because towns and villages are not judged on their all year round performance.

A big enthusiast for it is Chris Ruane MP whose Labour Party colleagues are in a majority on Rhyl Town Council. There has been controversy over the town council’s financial involvement. Please click here to see:

While all the nonsense goes on, we Westenders who walk to Rhyl town centre have to contend with cars on pavements, shopping scooters, advertising boards, canvassers, foulmouthed ranters and ravers, spitters, drunks, pavement cyclists and dog poo.