Wednesday, 28 July 2010


Steam engine locomotiveSteam engine locomotiveThe items above are from our man in transport, John Powell. The photo at the top shows the ‘Flying Scotsman’ train (No. 4472) passing through Rhyl station, the occasion being a special trip from Lincoln to Llandudno on Saturday June 6th, 1966.

Re: the newspaper cutting about a mail train, John thinks the date would be 1910-1920. Streets mentioned in the cutting are added here for indexing purposes: Lynton Walk, Clifton Park Road.

Finally, there is another shot of the railway line that ran from Foryd Harbour to Foryd Junction station in Kinmel Bay. This one is dated circa 1956 and John wonders if the Clwyd Hotel still exists. The answer must be yes and no; it is now a pub/restaurant called The Harbour.

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From differing sources, here are a photo labelled Ex LMS Class 3F No 52119 Rhyl shed yard 6 July 1958 and a colour shot circa 1962 of steam loco 41276 in Rhyl station with Rymans bookstall in the background!

engine locomotive

engine locomotive

MON 11th JUN 2018 UPDATE: On the subject of the Flying Scotsman the following shot shows it as North Wales Coast Express pulling through Rhyl on Sunday 21st July 1991.

Steam engine locomotive

Centre-right is the H-Bridge, so the photographer would have been up in Signal Box No.2 near West Kinmel Street.

Now for a modern-ish train locomoting (new word) in Rhyl on Saturday 22nd August 1970. See if you can work out where the photographer was standing. No need to send me an email. I have absolute faith in you.