Sunday, 18 July 2010


Catholic ChurchCatholic ChurchOur Lady Of The AssumptionAt the top is a postcard recently acquired by Yours Truly. It shows the altar at the old St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church in Rhyl by the highly regarded local photographer Rae Pickard. The card is postmarked 1927.

The sight of it sent me scurrying down Wellington Road to the present St. Mary’s, officially named Our Lady of the Assumption, to take a photograph of the current altar area for comparison.

Father Charles Ramsay (pictured above) takes delight in describing the present altar table top as being made of volcanic lava material 150 million years old. The present Joseph & Mary figures make interesting comparison with those in the old postcard.

My thanks to Charles for his hospitality. You could get in touch with him by phoning (01745) 353395 or sending email to:

TUE 6th SEP 2016 UPDATE: Here is an alternative view of the altar at the old St. Mary's. This image is from an unused postcard and therefore is undated: