Sunday, 4 July 2010


in memoriamRecent fatalities in Afghanistan included a soldier from Rhyl. I salute that young man’s bravery, and would commiserate with his family and friends.

Britain’s current military involvement in Afghanistan began in 2001 and therefore has been going on for longer than World War 2. It came about as a reaction by Prime Minister Tony Blair in Britain to the bombing of the World Trade Centre in USA by assailants thought to have connections in Afghanistan.

In 2003 there followed the illegal invasion of Iraq by American and British forces. Britain was under the impression that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. No such weapons were ever found. Taking the two military adventures as a whole, the number of British service people killed or injured runs into many hundreds.

The number of Iraqi and Afghani civilians – including women and children – killed or injured would be hundreds of thousands, and tens of thousands of homes have been destroyed. Many people, including our local Labour MP and AM (and some Labour leadership contenders such as David Miliband) supported military action.

They have blood on their hands.