Sunday, 4 July 2010


Above are pictures received from John Powell who has a special interest in transport. At the top is a 1920s business card from Brookes Bros, White Rose Garage, Rhyl. Note the mention of a Brookes Bros White Rose Garage in Prestatyn too.

In the middle is a shot of a doorless and precarious-looking 'toast rack' on the seafront near top of High Street, 1932 (that must be Cinema Royal on the left-hand side of the picture). The third was taken in East Parade in the 1930s.

Click on any picture to see a bigger version.

The following are all from the 1950s. The one taken opposite Queens Hotel is very early ‘50s. The next, a double decker to Meliden - presumably going via Prestatyn - was taken at High Street bus station . . .

Queens Hotel. . . and the third, another double decker outside Regal Cinema across the street from the bus station. Finally, from late ‘50s, a neat little bus on prom opposite High Street.

John Powell has sent more Rhyl railway items as well, and in due course they will appear before your very eyes. Thanks, John.