Sunday, 27 June 2010


Speaking for myself, I felt a sense of relief on hearing that the England team had been kicked out of the World Cup by Germany. The pageant of swaggering, strutting, spitting and buzzing is tiresome for those of us who regard football as just a game rather than a religion.

The presence of flags of St. George all over Rhyl seemed oppressive and now they look silly in the light of a 4-1 defeat.

Generations of British men have been brought up to believe that alcohol is essential and/or football is important. They have not realised that these are myths and, while they have been following the bouncing ball, the new Conserberal government has been busy cooking up radical changes.

And in the Labour Party camp too, something is stirring. A few days ago, one of the contenders in the Labour Party leadership contest, David Miliband, was spotted in Rhyl’s High Street with our Labour MP and a raggle taggle of party followers and apparatchiks from the Kinmel Street Kremlin.

David Miliband, once a Head of Policy for Tony Blair, may appeal to Tory voters in marginal constituencies, but nobody except a tiny number of card carrying members is likely to give a hoot who leads the Labour Party. This blogger certainly doesn’t.

For the time being, for the Labour Party and the England football team, the party is over.