Friday, 4 June 2010


Reliance GarageThe photo at the top is undated and the copyright belongs to John Carroll. A bus P36 is shown entering Rhyl High Street from seafront. In the background is Woolworths (now B&M Bargains) and Summers Cafe (now Cash Converters). The P36 may have been a forerunner of the present 36 circular via Rhuddlan-Dyserth-Prestatyn.

The other photo is undated and the copyright belongs to Robert F. Mack of Leeds. In the picture is a bus A1 in what looks like an odd position on the road. The A1 service ran between Chester and the North Wales coast. The bus has Rhyl on its destination board, and on the side is an advert for the 1939 film ‘Gone with The Wind’ which was reissued in UK in 1968.

The mystery here is the background. Right of the bus is a pub-ish looking building named Bedford, and left is Reliance Garage; you can click on the picture to see a bigger version. So where is it? Anyone who can offer enlightenment please send an email to:


SUN 6th JUN 2010 UPDATE: Gareth Morris writes: I am certain that the photo was taken in Llandudno. The bus is on the promenade and the Reliance Garage is on Nant-y-Gamar Road, the first road off the prom after passing Bodafon Fields. The photographer had his or her back to the sea and was facing in a southerly direction.