Sunday, 6 June 2010


Here are Rhyl schooldays photographs sent by Derek Johnson of New Zealand.

Derek says, “The first was taken around 1953 at Ysgol Llywelyn. Teacher was Mr. Lloyd; my brother Harold is in the back row, 4th from left.

“The next is from the same time and place. The teacher on the left was Mr. Roberts; I am in the middle row, 7th from left.

“The third is from around 1954 at Ysgol Llywelyn. The teacher is Miss Parks (I think).”

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Derek Johnson continues: “The following are from Glyndwr School. The first was taken 1959/60. The headmaster Matthew Jones is in the front row, 4th from left. Next to him is Mr. Profit Jones who taught Welsh language.

“In the final picture, the headmaster Matthew Jones is in the front row again and I’m in the top row, 2nd from right.”

THU 10th JUN 2010 UPDATE re MISS PARKS’ CLASS: Peter Trehearn says: “The tall dark-haired boy 3 or 4 from Miss Parks, second row from the back, has got to be Carl Gizzi.”
Derek Johnson confirms it's Carl and adds, "In the back row, 1st on left is either my brother Harold or even myself (we looked alike at that age), and the next boy was Smout whose father owned the pawnbrokers shop in Queen Street. ”

THU 10th JUN 2010 UPDATE re FINAL PIC (GLYNDWR): Derek Johnson says, “Front row, 1st on left is Derek Espley. Middle row, 1st on left is Gerald Hay.”

SAT 25th APR 2015 UPDATE: Info received from Robert Anthony B.E.M.
The upper Glyndwr picture (about 1956)
Back row - 2nd from left, Geoff Hughes, 4th from left Martin Thomas.
Middle row - 4th from left Robert Anthony, 5th from left Martin Spendlove, 2nd from right Barry Thomas.
Front row - 2nd from left Gerald Hay.
Bottom picture (1958) All the Prefects and House Captains
Back row - 2nd from left Robert Anthony, 3rd from left Martin Spendlove.
Middle row - 3rd from left Doreen Davies.
Front row - first from the right Gillian Brooks, 2nd from the right Martin Thomas (Head Boy).

Splendid! Thank you, Robert!