Wednesday, 2 June 2010


Elwy Street, Wellington RoadRYAGShane Owen the administrator of Rhyl Youth Action Group (RYAG) has sent the above black-and-white photo of the corner of Elwy Street and Wellington Road where parts of the RYAG empire are still being constructed. The group would like to know about previous uses of their properties, which are the ones shown in final photo above. Readers with info to offer please send email to:

Wellington RoadAlso from Shane came a black-and-white shot of the corner of Wellington Road and Water Street where the Post Office now stands. Before it was taken, there used to be on that corner Shamrock House. According to J.W. Jones this was a GP’s surgery, the home of Commissioner Dr. Price Roberts. Commissioners were forerunners of today’s councillors.

Shamrock House was demolished before World War 2 and the space was used for storage during the war. (The picture seems to be from that period). By that time the land was owned by General Post Office aka GPO which ran all the national mail and telephone services. The present Post Office was built there probably in the 1960s, although no one seems sure exactly when it opened.

Old posties will know, old posties will tell me.