Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Below are Rhyl pictures sent by Derek Johnson of New Zealand.

Click on any picture to see a bigger version.

The photo at the top is of a charabanc owned by the Rhyl company White Rose Motors. It carries no date or other info but has points of interest, not least of which is on the side of the bus: 12 MPH.

Of the black-and-white shot, Derek says, “This shows Rhyl Football Club around 35 years ago. In the front row, from the left: the white-haired chap with a tie is M. Evans, and then it’s Vernon Allen, Bob Jeffries, Don’t know, John Williams, Joe Darlington and Don’t know. I’m in the middle row, dark hair and glasses. On the end of the middle row, far right is David Evans. Next to him is George James.”

The photo of a milk float/May Day float dates from 1952 (May Queen Elissa Sewell). The milkman is Derek’s father Dan Johnson who worked many years for the Cooperative Wholesale Society CWS and was involved in the May Day Committee.

Of the final item, Derek says, “The picture was taken around 63 years ago outside Rhyl Pavilion and shows entrants in a beautiful babies contest. My mother Eira is the first mother from left in the front row with my brother Harold and myself on her knee."