Monday, 6 July 2009


The monochrome picture above, probably from 1920s, shows the original Central Station built for Marine Lake's miniature railway, described on the canopy as Marine Park Miniature Railway. (At present the name Marine Park happens to refer to a holiday park/caravan park in Cefndy Road.)

A couple of years ago it was pleasing to see Central Station rebuilt as shown in the colour image pinched by Yours Truly from a website where you could find a complete history of Rhyl's miniature railway:

SAT 11th AUG 2018 UPDATE: More vintage shots of Central Station, the first was taken by Rae Pickard when the Marine Lake site was known as Marine Park. This image probably pre-dates the one at the top of this post because the Marine Rifle Range on your right was an early attraction.

Marine Rifle Range

On the following card postmarked 1924 the name has changed to Pleasure Park. So researchers in the future please note that - in Marine Lake terms - Pleasure Gardens, Marine Park and Pleasure Park were all the same place.

Surprisingly, Marine Lake Fun Fair was advertised as Ocean Beach for a while in the 1920s, long before the separate Ocean Beach Fun Fair was established.

Below is a card postmarked 1931. Much of Central Station is obscured by steam but there is compensation elsewhere in the picture. The ladies' modes of dress are well displayed here, and on your left is The Rapids later known as Shooting The Rapids on which, if you felt so inclined, you could hurtle downwards sitting on a mat.